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Sungnam Electronics, Co.,Ltd
      - Joint development and manufacturing of PIM Module
      - http://www.kinori.com
Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology (RIST, Ph.D. Sang-Ho Ahn)
      - Joint development of PIM Product
Material science & engineering departmernt, Hanyang Univ. (Ph.D. Jai-Sung
   Lee, Prof.)

      - Nano powder manufacturing technology
      - Technology transfer and the sole right of use agreement
Mechanical engineering department, AJOU Univ. (Ph.D. Byung-Ok Lee, Prof.)
      - development of Ceramic arch tube by PIM technology
CISP of Penn. State Univ.( R. M. German Prof.)
      - New sintering process and product
      - Partnership agreement (level 2)
      - Prior right of use of intellectual property
Mold Research Co., Ltd. (JAPAN)
      - Supply metal powder and feed-stock for PIM
      - Distributorship agreement of PIMflow in JAPAN
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