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Nano Powder manufacturing technology
   + Possession of original nano powder manufacturing technology
      - having a sole right of use of the highest level technology in the world
      - performing W-CU project for PIM materials
      - continuous applying for patent of technology connected with original technolgy
   + Performance of national project for mass production of nano powder and outbreak of industrial      demands
participating in core technology project of nano powder by the ministry of science and technology
  project name : development of high functional nano powder and sintered body technology
(December, 2002 ~ October, 2011)
  goal of first step : Application for parts of motor and soft magnetic materials by development
of iron nano powder
   role of bestner : development of mass production technology for nano powder, development
of injection molding technology for nano powder
   + A Point of difference with other manufacturing methods
generally other methods manufacturing compound metals by mixing after making unstable pure metals but our method manufacturing stable compound metals
generally moldability of nanopowder is inferior but continuously striving to improve moldability
most economical and possible manufacturing method
Concept of nano powder manufactuing and commercialization
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