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Security of core technology from G7 Project for 9 years
Core technology
    + Binder mixing technology by powder materials
      - security of liquidity of compound
      - security of intensity of injection shape
      - security of high debinding effect in sintering process
    + Control technology of size precision and surface roughness
    + Optimizing of injection process and mold design by PIM CAE S/W
    + Control technology of thermal conductivity and coefficient of thermal expansion

The Sole Rights of Use resulted from G7 Project(inventor : T.S. Yoon)
Registration NO. ITEM Date
Patent No.163805 Binder for PIM with high shape preservation August 5,1998
Patent No. 158570 Binder for PIM August 5,1998
Patent No. 163805 Binder for PIM with high injection moldability Sept 9,1998
Patent No.02116874 Polyprophylen origin binder composite for PIM June 2, 1999
Patent No.0240750 Making process of compound for MIM Oct 29, 1999
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